Nyhet från Mulderbosch

Mulderbosch Rosé är ett av de bäst säljande rosévinerna på den svenska marknaden får nu en ny design på både flaska och bag-in-box. 

Vinmakarens smaknoteringar:
It’s hard not to feel excited by the appearance of the 2017 Mulderbosch Rosé. It’s very much alive and energized. The color is lighter and brighter than previous vintages. An attractive confected cherry note greets the nose, followed by subtle rose petal aromatics and a crisp mineral note that holds it all together nicely. Due to careful selection of vineyard sites and gentle fruit handling in the cellar the palate has an effortless poise about it. Sweet-fruited Cabernet flavors and early-picked natural acidity make for an intense palate that refreshes with each sip.

Mulderbosch Rosé 2017
Art.nr 6077
85 kr, 750 ml, alk 12,5%

Mulderbosch Rosé BiB
Art.nr 74050
245 kr, 3000 ml, alk 12,5%